3 Axis Seat for 4 person
3 Axis movement
Seat Weight: 200kg
Loading: 550Kg
Seat Size: 2400mm (length) × 650mm (width) × 1200mm (H)
Function: with vibration, spray, jet, sweeping legs,
Up and Down freedom movement and other functions.
Vibration frequency: 5Hz


Power for Pneumatic Seat
1.Air Compressor
2.Cold and dry machine
4.Precision filter


Control computer for flat-screen
Include 4D Control software

  Server Rack Elegance look, profound technical, Removable side doors, convenient to operate;
The bottom cable entry can be covered, the size is adjustable according to the requirement;
Varies optional accessories, reliable quality;
Max static loading capacity: 700KG
Material: SPCC cold rolling steel, plate Mounting angle: 2.0mm, frame Front door: 1.2mm, others 1.0mm
Dimension: 800 x 800 x 2000mm
Capacity: 42U

Monitor Dell LCD flat panel monitors and widescreen flat panel monitors are available in various sizes from  24”, 22”, 20”, 19”, 17”. Dell offers a range of users who work with multiple applications simultaneously.

High resolution and full high definition (1080p) resolutions (available on select monitors) are ideal for DVD movies, multimedia presentations, video editing, image manipulation and gaming.


Theater overall system control Hardware & software for arc-screen
Stereo playback system
Interface board conversion
Synchronous Control System
Logic Control
Environmental Effects Capture Software
Environmental effects trim, add, edit special effects system
Seat debugging, testing software
5.1-channel playback software, computer
COM port, P port call, RS-232-485 communication software
Signal Analysis System


Installation Lines


Metal Screen & Shelf
Brightness coefficient: β = 2.5 ± 10% ,Effective scattering angle: 2α = 60 ° ± 10% ,Color temperature 5400K °: ± 170 ,Perforated screen sound attenuation: 8KHz <3.75dB, 12.5KHz <4.1dB ,Resolving power: 125 line pairs / mm


Edifer 5.1 surround audio system Product Features
Great sound starts with incredible clarity along with rich, natural midrange and.5 satellites has both
A 10-Inch woofer has both strength and light weight, so bass is reproduced effortlessly and with maximum impact.
A 150-watt amplifier delivers all the power that the SCS500.5?s woofer needs to really get things moving.
Whether you are doing it yourself or a professional is doing it for you, the SCS500.5 is easy to set-up and wire

  Projector Sanyo PLC-XU1060C
  4D  Special Double Hanger Of Projector
  Three-dimensional projection polarizer ,(Including frame)
  4D glasses
Polarization degree: 97%; Transmission: single 43 (± 1.5)%, parallel to 36 (± 1.5)%, orthogonal "2%;
Left eye orthogonal mode: ± 45
  Effects Controller machine
Control thunder streak Simulation ,Water mist spray simulation, Snowflake simulation, Effects of water supply system, Effects Bubble System, Effects system accessories
  Snow machine
Snow Machine, Voltage: 230V/50Hz,Power: 600W,Size: 505 × 276 × 227mm,Weight: 10Kg,Snowflake Edible Oil Bottle: 5 liters, Snow Water consumption: approximately 4.5ML / min
  Bubble Machine
Bubble Machine, Power: 60W,Insurance: 230V/1A,Size: 341 × 170 × 172mm,Weight: 4.2KG
  Flash Light Machine
Strobe,Strobe: AD818,Voltage: 220V,Power: 1500W,Pulse tube Insurance: 10A,Function: Single light adjustable speed, can also be used controller.,Dimension: 453 × 132 × 214mm,Net Weight: 4.8kg

Rain Machine and compressor
Rain fall Simulation,Drainage device,Since processing

  Wind Machine
  4D movie

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